Proposal to Conduct Research or to Submit Research / Survey Products

The ORS encourages research that will develop new areas of scholarly inquiry and that will contribute to the academic and professional literature.  Students, staff, and faculty within University of Phoenix, as well as research oriented professionals not affiliated with the University, are encouraged to present their ideas for consideration.

Any research that requires access to UOPX students, faculty, staff or Institutional data requires the submission of the "Proposal to Conduct Research" form.  This proposal will be reviewed and acted upon by the ORS Committee on Research.  The policies and procedures governing research related to University of Phoenix are provided here. 

For University of Phoenix personnel: If your research and survey do not require Committee on Research approval as defined by University policy, you must still submit your final product to the ORS to be housed in the Clearinghouse.  Use the "Submission of Completed Research Data Collection, Analysis Results and Instrumentation" form to submit your final research/survey product(s).

To initiate your Proposal for New Research, click here. 

Institutional Review Board Requirement: If your research involves human subjects you will have to receive approval of the Institutional Review Board. Click here to access the appropriate form and submit to   

Or, to submit completed works, click  here.

Please note:  If you receive a pop-up message asking for a password when opening up one of the documents, simply click "Cancel" to continue.