Committee on Research

Conditions requiring that a proposal be submitted to the Committee on Research ("COR") to perform research at or about the University of Phoenix.

Policy:  A formal request to conduct research that utilizes UOPX students, faculty, staff or data must be completed and sent to the Committee on Research if the research activities of an individual or organization fall within any of the following criteria:

  1. When the person or group wanting to perform the research has no active affiliation  with the University of Phoenix (e.g. a professional researcher connected to a higher education organization other than UOPX), and/or
  2. When the research being pursued falls outside the UOPX person’s  normal scope of responsibility or authority, and/or
  3. When the results of the research being pursued will be provided to a person, organization, or audience external to the University and/or when the provision of this information would fall outside standard institutional processes and/or the normal responsibilities for the person or group doing the research.

Rationale:  The University must protect its proprietary information and the privacy of its students, faculty, and employees, as well as manage the frequency in which they are contacted.  Therefore, the institution must strategically manage the research being conducted to provide maximum protection for all constituencies.


Proposed research activities that fall within any of the aforementioned criteria must be submitted to COR using a formal "Proposal to Conduct Research" form.  This form can be accessed through the Office of Scholarship Support by visiting the Research Hub at and looking up the Committee on Research. Requests will be reviewed by COR and decisions will be communicated to the requesting party in writing.  The Committee will meet according to demand, but no less than once monthly.

Definition of Research:

Research for purposes of this policy is defined as "scholarly and scientific inquiry projects focused upon the collection and analysis of empirical data and facts".

Relationship between Institutional Review Board and the Committee on Research

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) and COR are two separate and distinct groups operating within the structure of Academic Affairs and the Office of Academic Excellence.  While the IRB is a federally mandated committee, with the mandate of protecting human subjects from unethical research practices, the development and use of COR is entirely internal to the University of Phoenix.  If a person or group has received permission from COR to pursue research activities at the University of Phoenix and their activities will impact protected populations, as defined under Federal law, they must still submit their proposed research to UOPX’s IRB or they must show that they have received approval from another university’s IRB. Approval by COR shall not be misconstrued as approval by an institutional review board.

Requirements for submission of research/evaluation information to the National Research Center, even when the research/evaluation does not require approval by the Committee on Research:

When a person or group working within normal University of Phoenix processes pursues an activity wherein research data is collected and analyzed to evaluate a process, project, etc. and that research data is for internal use only, the resulting data and analysis along with the research instrument should be forwarded to the National Research Center.  Keeping this type of information on-hand and accessible to other University employees, through the NRC Clearinghouse, should help to eliminate much  of the duplicative evaluation activities that commonly occur across the University of Phoenix.


When a UOPX employee is collecting and analyzing research data which will be presented to an external body (accreditation agency, state department, federal requirements, etc.) but the procedure is considered a part of the employee’s normal duties, the resulting research data and analysis, report, or presentation should be forwarded to the National Research Center.  Keeping this information within the NRC Clearinghouse will help to support the University’s research and scholarship goals.


Submission of the information stated here should be sent to the Committee on Research by using the "Submission of Completed Research Data Collection, Analysis Results and Instrumentation" form.

Failure to Comply:

Those found doing research related activities and not following these policies, including failure to provide the resulting data, analysis and research instrumentation to the NRC may be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.